Gaza: lsraeli airstrike destroys Palestinian’s dream of wedding

Gaza(The Inside Palestine)- Muhammad al-Hindi learned the terrible news on Facebook. His fiancée Hadeel Arafa had been killed in an Israeli airstrike. At first, Muhammad

Palestinians denied of water right by Israeli occupation in South Hebron Hills

Hebron (The Inside Palestine)- Abu Hani and his family live only two kilometers from the Israeli settlement outpost of Avigayil in the occupied South Hebron

Israel’s assault on Gaza in May targeted also animals

Gaza (The Inside Palestine)- Israel’s assault on Gaza in May wrought a heavy human toll. But, in this crowded and impoverished strip of coastline, animals

Israeli forces demolish Palestinian buildings by day, colonial settlers burn by night

Hebron (The Inside Palestine)- On June 1, Israeli settlers attacked the village of Tuba in the occupied West Bank and burned all the hay my

Every ten-year-old in Gaza experienced violence of three wars

Gaza (The Inside Palestine)- Childhood in the Gaza Strip is unlike anywhere else in the world. Here, every ten-year-old has already experienced the violence of

How ‘Israel’ tried to put Gaza out of business

Gaza(The Inside Palestine)- A smashed sewing machine is one of the few things that Muhammad al-Madhoun has been able to retrieve from his workshop. He


Thursday August 1, 2019