Invitation to join ICJP launch event

(The Inside Palestine)- The Israeli occupation has recently increased escalation attacks against Palestinians in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip, launching violent rockets on Gaza murdered more than 250 Palestinians and thousands of injuries were reported. In addition, the process of committing ethnic cleansing has not stopped yet in […]

Activists participate in online campaign calling to release Palestinian prisoner in Saudi Arabia

Occupied Palestine (The Inside Palestine)- Al-Khudari was detained on 4 April 2019, along with his son Hani as part of a large-scale campaign targeting Palestinians. Palestinian activists show their solidarity with Al-Khudari by launching an online campaign, tweeting on the hashtags #FreePalestinianPrisonersInKSA and #FreeAlKhodari, as several Palestinian teams Participated including Palestine […]

Occupied Palestine (The Inside Palestine)- Stevie Wonder will receive Israel’s Wolf Prize, which is given to artists and scientists from around the world for whitewashing Israeli war crimes against Palestinians The Wolf Prize recognizes achievements in both scientific categories (medicine, agriculture, mathematics, chemistry, and physics) and arts categories (painting and […]

Palestinian activists participate in online campaign calling for free and fair elections

Gaza,(The inside Palestine)- The legislative elections are scheduled to take place on May 22 and the presidential vote on July 31. There is, however, still a possibility that the Israeli occupation will spoil the entire process. “Israel” has repeatedly demonstrated that it will crush all Palestinian expressions of democracy that […]

Palestinian activists condemn Czech Republic for opposing ICC investigation into Israeli crimes

Prague, February12, 2021( The inside Palestine)- Last Friday, the International Criminal Court said that its jurisdiction extends to territories occupied by ‘Israel’ in the 1967 war, clearing the way for its chief prosecutor to open an investigation into Israeli war crimes. The Czech Republic, who is a member of the […]