Palestinian Activists Launch Campaign Against Facebook’s Censorship

Occupied Palestine (The Inside Palestine)- “Facebook Blocks Jerusalem” campaign kick-started in protest of Meta’s censorship of the Palestinian narrative Palestinian journalists and activists have launched a campaign titled “Facebook Blocks Jerusalem” to raise their voices and express their rejection of Meta’s recent resumption of its years-long censorship of pro-Palestinian content […]

Solidarity from All Over The World

Activists from across the globe have issued petitions to the German embassy in their respective countries, they held support vigils for the Humboldt3 and read out loud their letters for the German ambassador to hear. It’s high time that Germany will listen to these words and the rest of the […]

Video: Israeli demolitions in Sur Baher is heartbreaking “Israel” has just issued 30 more eviction and demolition orders to Palestinians in East Jerusalem including the area of Wadi Hummus. Today we share Ismail Abadiyeh’s experience of losing his home, the terror and devastation caused by the military raids and demolitions in Sur Baher is heartbreaking. (Source: Jewish […]