Houston (The Inside Palestine)- A demonstration was organized by the Palestinian, Arab, and Islamic communities in front of the Israeli consulate in Houston, Texas, to denounce the continuous Israeli attacks against the Palestinian people and worshippers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Pervez Agwan, a congressional candidate for the seventh district, along with various American institutions and organizations, also took part in the demonstration.

Kamal Khalil, the President of the Palestinian-American Council, affirmed that this demonstration is a continuation of the popular protests held in many cities. Its aim is to highlight the critical role of the community in exposing the practices of the Israeli occupation, asserting the Palestinian people’s rights, and raising awareness among American citizens, voters, and taxpayers.

Khalil also stressed the significant role of working within the American arena in influencing decision-makers. He emphasized that the Palestinian issue should not be just a foreign relations matter for the US government but a crucial internal matter for politicians and elected officials.

A group of Palestinian and Arab activists have initiated a popular campaign, urging the US government to halt its financial and military aid, often referred to as “tax money,” to the Israeli occupation government. The activists believe that such aid only enables the Israeli government to continue its oppressive policies and human rights violations against the Palestinian people.

On the upcoming Wednesday, activists are planning to organize a sit-in protest in front of the Israeli consulate in San Francisco, California, demanding an immediate end to the continuous Israeli military aggression against the Palestinian people, which is being funded by the US government’s financial and military aid.

Source: Alray

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